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every show should just be on Netflix im sick of this



raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a boy

well girl but yeah


why are mondays so long they take like 3 days to finish


I’m trying hard to live by Cat Principles.

1- I am glorious above all things
2- Eat when hungry, sleep when sleepy, play when bored
3- Affection is given and received on my terms and only mine
4- Show displeasure clearly.
5- NO
6- Demand the things you want. If they aren’t given, demand them again, but louder this time.
7- If you are touched when you don’t want to be, say so. If they continue to touch you, make them bleed.


what if pop artists started naming their works like classical music omg

“Minaj: Symphonic Poem in D-flat Major, Op. 32 - I. Allegro: “Stupid Hoe”“


do u have some of those friends where u cant even remember how u became friends u just suddenly were friends